Barak Obama created 2009 - Original Canvas 175
David Beckham created 2003
David Niven created 2003
George Best created 2003
George Best (Close Up)
George Michael created 2003
Jack 1940s created 2008
Jack (Close Up)
Jack & Dot created 2008
Jack & Dot 1970s created 2008
Jacks Dot 1940s created 2008
Jacks Dot (Close Up)
Jimi Hendrix created 1983
Jimi Hendrix (Close Up)
Jimi Hendrix Metal created 1983
Jimi Hendrix Pencil created 1983
Jimi Hendrix Pencil(Close Up)
Kumari created 1996
Kumari (Close Up)
Margaret Thatcher created 1994
Model in Martens created 1994
Nancy Windsor created 2008
Nancy Windsor 1940s created 2008
Nancy Windsor 1940s (Close Up)
Paul Bird created 2003
Paul Bird (Close Up)
Victoria created 1992
The Right Reverand Wright created 1987
Ramesses created 1994
Self Portrait created 1992
Z Band Members created 1988
Eye Study created 1994
Newspaper Faces created 1980
Newspaper Faces (Part)
Dan White With Bullet Hole created 1981